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Blox Fruits: What Does “A Shiver Runs Down Your Spine” Mean? – Answered

Blox Fruits is one of the most popular Roblox anime-fighting games of all time. With its constant updates, bug fixes and code additions, it is no wonder why it has kept its popularity for so long. Nevertheless, Blox Fruits players may be spooked when they discover the message “A Shiver Runs Down Your Spine” while they are exploring the realm. If you are wondering what this message means, continue reading to find out!

The Cursed Ship (Image via Bloxtrem! on YouTube)

Blox Fruits: “A Shiver Runs Down Your Spine” Message Explained

If you’ve ever seen the message “A shiver runs down your spine…” in Blox Fruits, you are probably quite terrified each time. Luckily, you have nothing to fear! That is, unless you decided to be wandering around the Cursed Ship as night begins…

Every night there is a 33% chance for the Cursed Captain to spawn inside of the Cursed Ship. When the Cursed Captain spawns, the message “A shiver runs down your spine” will appear. At this point, players will likely swarm to the Cursed Ship to defeat this difficult boss.

Defeating the Cursed Captain in Blox Fruits + Loot

If you are looking to defeat the Cursed Captain, it is highly recommended to bring friends unless you think you can defeat this Level 1325 raid boss by yourself.

The Cursed Captain has two attacks that require the player to keep a distance between them. If you can successfully avoid the Cursed Captain’s dangerous attacks and manage to defeat him, you have the chance to receive some rare loot!

Upon defeat, the Cursed Captain has around a 2% chance to drop a Hellfire Torch. This is required to purchase the Ghoul Race. He also drops 10 Ectoplasm.

There is also a 50% chance for players to receive the Red Spikey Coat and Blue Spikey coat after defeating the Cursed Captain. These are super cool cosmetics that make the player look quite menacing.

Now that you know what the message “A shiver runs down your spine” means, it’s time to get out there and defeat the Cursed Captain!

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