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How to Arrest People in Da Hood (Roblox)

Da Hood is a wild multiplayer Roblox game in which players compete to become the most powerful person in the neighborhood. Think Grand Theft Auto, except Da Hood players can become police officers and arrest the bad guys. If you are an aspiring police officer in Da Hood, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn how to arrest people in Da Hood!

this image represents different Da Hood characters
Da Hood Characters (Image via ProjectSupreme on YouTube)

How to Arrest People in Da Hood

Beginner police officers may run into some trouble when trying to arrest people in Da Hood. Luckily, it’s quite easy if you understand the correct technique. Before you can arrest someone, you must first complete a few prerequisites. These will be discussed below!

How to Arrest Someone in Da Hood (Roblox)

Before becoming a police officer and arresting people in Da Hood, players must ensure that they do not have any prior wanted status. This can be removed by either getting killed or arrested. Once this is complete, players can now learn how to become a police officer and arrest criminals in Da Hood!

Here’s how to arrest people in Da Hood:

  • Go to Police Station and talk to the Cop NPC
  • Once the job is accepted, find someone with Wanted status
  • Once a criminal is found, defeat him in combat
  • Stand on him and take out handcuffs
  • Click with handcuffs out

Once you click with your handcuffs out, the downed player should disappear and you should receive some money for your efforts. Congratulations, you have now arrested someone in Da Hood!

Da Hood Police Officer Tips and Tricks

While arresting people in Da Hood is fun, police officers should really take on the most dangerous guys. In fact, players receive more money the higher the wanted status of the arrested criminal is. This incentivizes players to tackle the more dangerous criminals. Proceed at your own risk, as these guys will often have dangerous weapons!

To prepare for a more dangerous arrest in Da Hood, police officers should buy better guns at the store.

Now that you know how to arrest people in Da Hood Roblox, it’s time to get out there and stop those bad guys!

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