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How to Complete the Flower Quest in Blox Fruits: Flower Locations

As Roblox Blox Fruits players progress through the game, they will eventually wonder how to evolve their race to V2. This can be done by talking to the Alchemist and completing his Flower Quest. However, there are some requirements before you can accept this quest. Below you will find a tutorial on all requirements as well as how to complete the Flower Quest in Blox Fruits.

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Blox Fruits: How to Complete the Flower Quest

As stated above, you must meet a few requirements before you can complete the Flower Quest and evolve your race to V2. You must first be able to talk to the Alchemist. These requirements will be detailed below.

Alchemist Requirements in Blox Fruits

The Alchemist (located in the Green Zone) allows you to evolve your race to V2 in Blox Fruits. However, you must complete the following tasks before you can talk to him:

Once you have completed these three tasks, the Alchemist will grant you the Flower Quest. Once the Flower Quest is completed, you will finally be able to evolve your race to V2.

Now that you have received the Flower Quest, you must find flowers of three different colors. The best locations to find these flowers will be listed below.

Blox Fruits: Flower Locations

Before you set off to find these flowers, you must know their spawning mechanics. The spawning mechanics for each flower in Blox Fruits are as follows:

  • Red Flowers only spawn during the day
  • Blue Flowers only spawn at night
  • Yellow Flowers can be found at any time, however you must kill NPCs in the Second Sea to get it

Blox Fruits Red Flower Location

blox fruits red flower location
Blox Fruits Red Flower (Image via Grin Bloxi on YouTube)

Shown above is a Red Flower Location in Blox Fruits. To find this flower, simply cross the bridge to leave the Green Zone. There will be a large circular platform that is raised. The Red Flower will be sitting in the middle of the platform. Another Red Flower can be found at the front of the Mansion next to the plants on the left side.

Blox Fruits Blue Flower Locations

blox fruits blue flower spawn location
Blox Fruits Blue Flower (Image via Riyu on YouTube)

Blue Flowers can be found at Graveyard Island. One can be seen in the image above, and another spawns next to two graves near the center of the island. Remember, these flowers can only be found at night. There is also a small island outside of Graveyard Island in which a Blue Flower spawns.

Blox Fruits Yellow Flower Locations

As stated above, Yellow Flowers can be obtained by killing NPCs in the Second Sea. The drop chance is quite low, so do not be discouraged if you don’t get it instantly. The Yellow Flower will likely be the most difficult flower to obtain.

How to Evolve Race to V2 in Blox Fruits

Now that you have obtained all three flowers, it’s time to go back to the Green Zone to complete the Alchemist Quest. Keep in mind you will need 500,000 Beli to evolve your race to V2.

Once you have made it to the Green Zone, talk to Alchemist and you will complete the Flower Quest. You can now give him 500,000 Beli to evolve your race to V2!

Now that you know how to complete the Alchemist Quest and evolve your race to V2 in Blox Fruits, it’s time to get out there and pick some flowers!

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