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How to Drag People in Da Hood: PC, Mobile and Xbox

Da Hood is an intense Roblox multiplayer game in which players duke it out to become the king of their server. While that sounds simple enough, Da Hood has tons of unique features that new players may struggle to grasp. One of those features is dragging people. Dragging players is quite easy, however some players may be confused on how to do so. Without further ado, continue reading to learn how to drag in Da Hood!

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How to Drag Players in Da Hood (Controls Guide)

Da Hood is available in multiple platforms, which means each platform will have different controls to drag people. Luckily, we will provide instructions for how to drag in Da Hood on all platforms. Listed below is a guide on how to drag people in Da Hood for PC, Mobile and Xbox. Let’s get into it!

Da Hood Drag Players PC Guide

Here’s how to drag on PC:

  • First you must knock someone down. This can be done with a charge attack or simply shooting them.
  • Next you must stand over them and crouch.
  • While crouching, press the G key to begin dragging them.
  • To drop them, press G again.

Da Hood Drag Players Mobile Guide

Here’s how to drag on Mobile devices:

  • Again, you must first knock a player down.
  • Once they are down, stand over them and crouch.
  • Press the carry button on the side of the screen to start dragging.
  • To drop the player, press the carry button again.

Da Hood Drag Players Xbox guide:

Here’s how to drag on Xbox:

  • Knock a player down
  • Stand over them and crouch
  • Press the Directional Pad Up button while crouched to begin dragging.
  • To drop them, press Directional Pad Up again.
an image of dragging a player in Da Hood
A happy man dragging their poor victim (Image via hopeless on YouTube)

If you have followed every step correctly, you should be able to drag someone around as seen in the image above!

However, if you’d like to carry them instead of dragging them, it is even easier.

How to Carry People in Da Hood

To carry people in Da Hood on all platforms, the rules are basically the same.

Regardless if you are playing on PC, Mobile or Xbox, all you have to do is follow the same steps except you do not want to crouch. This will allow you to pick players up and put them on your back. Dropping them is exactly the same as well.

Simple enough right?

Now that you know how to carry and drag in Da Hood Roblox, it’s time to get out there and begin owning your server!

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