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How to Free the Gladiators in Blox Fruits: Colosseum Puzzle Guide

Welcome back to another Roblox Blox Fruits guide! Today we will be discussing how to free the gladiators in Blox Fruits. The Colosseum Puzzle is located in the Second Sea. More specifically, in the massive Colosseum in the Kingdom of Rose. However, before you head to the Colosseum, there are a few quests that need to be completed before you can free the gladiator prisoners in Blox Fruits. Let’s get into it!

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How to Free the Gladiators in Blox Fruits

Before Blox Fruits players can free the prisoners and retrieve the Warrior Helmet, they must first have access to the Second Sea and reach Level 850.

Once those prerequisites are met, players must then talk to Bartilo. Bartilo is located in The Cafe and will give you the first Colosseum quests. These quests are listed below:

  • Kill 50 Flamingo Pirates
  • Kill Jeremy

Jeremy can be found at the top of the massive rock structure. Make sure you are sufficiently prepared as Jeremy is quite difficult! Once Jeremy is defeated, it’s time to make your way to the Colosseum.

How to Solve the Colosseum Puzzle in Blox Fruits

Once you’ve made it to the Colosseum, there will be a secret entrance under one of the bridges. Inside will be the trapped prisoners.

You will also notice strange runes scattered around the room. To free the gladiators and receive the Warrior Helmet, you must press the runes in a specific order. If you’d like to find the rune order for yourself, it can be found in Swan’s Mansion on one of the tables.

Otherwise, the correct order of the runes is shown below.

the answer to the colosseum puzzle to free the gladiators
The Correct Colosseum Rune Order (Image via Blox Fruits)

If you’ve touched the runes in the correct order, you will finally receive the Warrior Helmet! You will also receive a prompt saying “You’re now respected in this island”, which enables you to access other fun content. Simple enough, right?

Completing the Colosseum puzzle also allows you to interact with the Kind Red Head and Alchemist NPCs. These are super important NPCs!

The Alchemist allows you to evolve your race to V2, while King Red Head will eventually give you access to the Third Sea once his quests are completed.

What does the Warrior Helmet do in Blox Fruits

Now that you’ve received the Warrior Helmet, you may be wondering exactly what it does.

The Warrior Helmet grants a strong 12.5% increase in melee damage, along with a 5% cooldown reduction for melee attacks. For those looking to build a melee class, this is a fantastic option.

Now that you’ve learned how to free the gladiators and complete the Colosseum Quest, it’s time to start working on getting to the Third Sea!

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