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How to Get Aizen Sword in A One Piece Game

The Aizen Update has just dropped for A One Piece Game, and players are beginning to discover all of the new and amazing content. If you are still unaware (which is highly unlikely), A One Piece Game is an exciting Roblox anime-fighting game in which players fight, cooperate and grind to become the strongest in the server. Included in the Aizen Update is the Aizen Sword, which many players are looking to obtain. Continue reading to learn how to get Aizen Sword in A One Piece Game!

How to Get Aizen Sword in AOPG

There a few ways to get Aizen’s Sword in A One Piece Game: one way is free, and the other will cost you some Robux or Gems. Let’s discuss how to get Aizen Sword for free in A One Piece Game first!

How to Get Aizen Sword for Free in A One Piece Game

To get Aizen Sword in AOPG, players will have to complete the following instructions.

First, players must head to the First Sea. More specifically, you want to go to Logue Town.

Once you are at Logue town, head to the massive island to the left. This island is called Hueco Mundo, and has massive pillars scattered about. It is quite hard to miss it!

After crossing the ocean and making it to Hueco Mundo, players are going to have to make it to the other side of the island. Specifically, the opposite side relative to Logue Town. Players can set their spawn at this location.

Once you’ve set your spawn, you will see a black structure nearby. This is where you can accept the Aizen quest. Aizen can be found near the body of water in the middle of Hueco Mundo.

Aizen has a 2% chance to drop the Aizen Sword upon defeat. This means that players will likely have to grind for a while before getting it!

However, if you don’t want to grind, their is another way to get the Aizen Sword in A One Piece Game.

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How to Buy Aizen’s Blade in AOPG

Those who hate grinding for a 2% drop rate can actually buy Aizen’s Sword with Robux or Gems.

Aizen’s Blade (or Kyoka Suigetsu), can be purchased from Soulreaper Andre for 15000 Gems or 2000 Robux. This may be a good investment if you are short on time!

Soulreaper Andre can be found at the other black structure near the Hueco Mundo spawn. Keep in mind, Aizen Sword is only available for a limited time. Get it while you still can!

Now that you know how to get Aizen’s Sword in A One Piece Game, it’s time to get out there and grind Aizen for hours!