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How to Get Dragon Necklace in King Legacy

The Dragon Necklace in King Legacy is a must-have accessory for players of literally any play-style. It allows players deflect more damage while dealing more at the same time. We will get into the specifics buffs later, because it is now time to discuss how to get the Dragon Necklace in King Legacy. It is certainly not the easiest accessory in King Legacy to acquire, but it isn’t the most difficult either. Continue reading to learn how to get Dragon Necklace in King Legacy!

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King Legacy: How to Get the Dragon Necklace

The Dragon Necklace was added in King Legacy Update 3 and buffs the holder quite nicely. To be exact, the Dragon Necklace Provides a 15% reduction in damage taken along with a solid 10% increase in all Fruit damage. It is no wonder why so many King Legacy players are looking up how to get this accessory. Without further ado, let’s get into the Dragon Necklace quest guide!

How to Get the Dragon Necklace in King Legacy: Quest Guide

Before you begin your efforts to get the Dragon Necklace in King Legacy, you must first ensure you have 5 million Beli to spend. This is because you must buy a certain accessory to gain access to it.

This accessory is called the Bullitus, which is located at Skull Island. Once you sail into Skull Island, you should see an NPC with blue hair named “Shop”. This NPC will sell you the Bullitus for 5 million Beli.

King Legacy Bullitus Location NPC
NPC that sells the Bullitus (Image via LuckGam3r on YouTube)

You need the Bullitus to get the Dragon Necklace in King Legacy because it allows you to access areas under the water. You will see exactly why you need underwater access in just a second!

King Legacy: Ghost Ship and Dragon Necklace Guide

The Dragon Necklace is dropped from the Ghost Ship, which is a timed mini-boss that spawns in the oceans of the Second Sea. While it can spawn in multiple locations, players report that the Ghost Ship spawns most commonly around Skull Island.

The Ghost Ship seems to spawn every 4 hours in the server.

King Legacy Ghost Ship Battle
Battling the Ghost Ship (Image via ShanksPlays on YouTube)

Once you have finally encountered the Ghost Ship, you must ensure you are prepared. It has 7.5 million HP and deals a ton of damage. It is recommended to fight the Ghost Ship with a few friends. This will make the battle much easier.

Before engaging, ensure that you enable the Bullitus accessory as you will need to go into the water after you defeat the Ghost Ship.

If you successfully spam your abilities while dodging the Ghost Ship’s attack, the ship will sink upon defeat and drop a few chests. These chests will be floating underwater which is why you need Bullitus.

The chests dropped by the Ghost Ship have a small chance to contain the Dragon Necklace. Many players report a 5% drop chance, however this is not officially confirmed.

Keep in mind it may take a while to get the Dragon Necklace in King Legacy because of it’s very small drop chance; so keep grinding!

Now that you know how to get Dragon Necklace in King Legacy, it’s time to get out there and defeat the Ghost Ship!

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