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How to Get Fire Shards in Anime Adventures

Anime Adventures is an immensely popular Roblox game that features tons of anime character favorites. In Anime Adventures, an extremely lucrative item called the Fire Shard can give players access to some amazing content. If you are trying to figure out how to get Fire Shards in Anime Adventures, you’ve come to the right place. Tech Katana has you covered!

Fire Shard Pull (Image via Code Nex on YouTube)

How to Get Fire Shards in Anime Adventures

Many players struggle to get Fire Shards in Anime adventures. This is likely because they are looking in the wrong areas or using the wrong technique. Continue reading to learn the best way to get Fire Shards in Anime Adventures.

One of the best ways to farm Fire Shards is to keep playing the new Infinite Mode in Anime Adventures. In Infinite Mode a few 3-star secret bosses will spawn which can be pretty tough for some players to defeat. Players are advised to play with friends or other players to have an easier time completing it.

After completing Infinite Mode, players will receive one Ocean Star. The Ocean Star has the chance to drop one or more Fire Shards per star, along with other amazing drops such as exclusive characters and fruits. These drops are not guaranteed, which means that players will need to defeat Infinite Mode multiple times to rack up a bunch of Fire Stars.

Infinite Mode (Image via Code Nex on Youtube)

What to do with Fire Shards in Anime Adventures

After receiving Fire Shards in Anime Adventures, players may wonder what to do with them. These players will be happy to know that Luffo gives a quest for the player to obtain 100 Fire Shards. Once the player has completed enough Infinite Modes, they can then exchange the 100 Fire Shards to Luffo for a secret unit.

Who is this unit you ask? After giving 100 Fire Shards to Luffo, the player will receive the Fire Fist secret unit, otherwise known as Ace in the One Piece anime.

Fire Fist is super strong and can be upgraded to become even stronger.

Now that you know how to get Fire Shards in Anime Adventures, it’s time to get out there and grind Infinite Mode!

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