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How to Get Gear 2 in A One Piece Game (Roblox)

A One Piece Game is one of the best One Piece Roblox games out there. Even if you aren’t a fan of One Piece, A One Piece Game has such amazing content that it could easily pull you in! If you have already started playing A One Piece Game and are looking to unlock Gear Second, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, let’s figure out how to get Gear 2 in A One Piece Game!

Luffy from One Piece (Image via A One Piece Game)

How to Unlock Gear Second in A One Piece Game

If you are reading this, you are likely struggling to get Gear Second in A One Piece Game. Since there are no super detailed guides on the web, it seems you’re in luck! Continue reading to learn how to get Gear 2 in A One Piece Game!

To unlock Gear 2, there are a few simple steps players must follow. These steps are listed below.

How to Get Gear 2 in A One Piece Game

Gear 2 can be obtained by defeating Luffy, who resides at Luffy’s Island. However, there are steps you must take before you just go and defeat him!

To unlock Gear 2, players will first have to make sure they have Rubber Fruit equipped. Players who do not equip Rubber Fruit beforehand will not be able to obtain Gear Second!

Once Rubber Fruit is equipped, players will then have to travel to Luffy’s Island. If you are unsure where Luffy’s Island is, an Island Tracker will help lead you in the right direction.

Once the player is at Luffy’s Island, they must make sure to set their spawn point. This is because it will be a hassle to travel all the way back to Luffy’s Island from their old spawn if they are defeated by Luffy.

Now that the player has set their spawn, travel down the middle path of the town. Luffy will be found at the end of the path.

Luffy has a 5% chance to drop Gear Second upon death. This means the player will likely have to defeat Luffy many times before they can acquire it.

If all above steps are completed correctly, the player should get Gear 2 in A One Piece Game in no time!

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