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How to Get Gear 4 in King Legacy (Roblox)

For those wondering, Gear 4 Snakeman is one of the stronger forms in King Legacy. It allows players to have maneuverable attacks that are quite accurate and deadly. Getting Gear 4 in King Legacy can be tricky for newer players as it requires them to complete a series of quests. However, it will be well worth it. Without further ado, let’s find out how to get Gear 4 in King Legacy!

How to Unlock Gear 4 Snakeman in King Legacy

Before you unlock Gear 4 in King Legacy you must first reach level 1500 and have 1 million Beli. In the past you only needed to reach level 1000, however the developers seemed to have changed this for some reason. Nevertheless, once these requirements are met, you can begin to work towards Gear 4. Continue reading to learn how!

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King Legacy Gear 4 Quest Guide

Once you have reached level 1500 and acquired 1 million Beli, you’re going to want to make your way over to War Island. (Marineford) Located in War Island will be an NPC known as Beauty Girl. She can be found in a green building and will give you a quest to find “a man who has been cursed into a bird”.

If you meet the requirements repeated above, you will receive a “Quest Accepted” text box from Beauty Girl.

King Legacy Beauty Girl Location
King Legacy Beauty Girl NPC Location (Image via LJ’s Amazing Web Show on Youtube)

Now that you have received the quest from Beauty Girl, your next mission is to head over to Sky Island to find this Bird dude. He will be hidden behind a rock structure outside the confines of the city and look like a red Angry Bird character.

Once you talk to Red Bird he will allow you to continue on to the next part of the Gear 4 quest!

King Legacy Red Bird Location
Rock Structure where Red Bird is Located (Image via LJ’s Amazing Web Show)

How to Get into the Desert Island Temple in King Legacy

It is now time to head to Desert Island, where you will finally be able to unlock Gear 4 in King Legacy. At Desert Island will be a large temple in which the “White Man” NPC will be located, however, many players struggle to get into this temple.

Once you have reached the roof of the temple, there will be a round pillar that connects the two walls. Next to this pillar will be a secret entrance (shown below) that you can fall through into a room.This room is where you will be able to get Gear 4 in King Legacy.

King Legacy Desert Island Gear 4 Location
Middle Pillar Secret Location (Image via GamingMobile YT)

Once you fall into the room you will see a campfire with an NPC standing next to it. This NPC is “White Man” and will allow you to buy Gear 4 Snake Form for 1 million Beli.

Gear 4 will allow you to control your abilities better, along with significantly increased damage. Gear 4 is extremely popular in King Legacy for a reason!

Now that you know how to get Gear 4 in King Legacy, it’s time to get out there and complete those quests!

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