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How to Get Small Monkeys in BTD6

If you are an avid BTD6 fan like me, you may have seen that some content creators are using monkeys that are much smaller than they should be. However, a specific achievement must be completed to unlock this feature. This achievement is quite tricky, so make sure you follow the instructions exactly as stated below! Without further ado, let’s learn how to get small monkeys in BTD6!

BTD6: Small Monkeys Puzzle Guide

As stated above, unlocking small monkeys in BTD6 requires players to complete the Golden Ticket secret achievement. Since this achievement is very tedious to unlock, an image with the puzzle answers will be supplied below. This should make it much easier for you!

How to Complete Golden Ticket Secret Achievement in BTD6

To unlock small monkeys in BTD6, you will first need to start a game on the Candy Falls map. Any difficulty is fine.

You may have discovered from playing Candy Falls in the past that little monkeys with green hair will run around in random areas. Funnily enough, these monkeys are apart of a puzzle that will unlock small monkeys when completed.

If certain areas of the map are clicked in the correct order, you will complete the Golden Ticket achievement and unlock small monkeys in BTD6.

The image below illustrates the correct order with red numbers.

the correct order to get small monkeys in btd6
The correct order (Image via BTD6)

The correct order to unlock the Golden Ticket achievement is shown in the image above. However, if you for some reason can’t see them, it will be explained below.

Here’s how to get small monkeys in BTD6:

  1. Enter the Candy Falls map
  2. Click the tree in the top right
  3. Click on the door of the house
  4. Click the top of the waterfall
  5. Click the top left corner
  6. Click right above the bottom bridge
  7. Click the bottom right corner
  8. Click the wheel at the top
  9. Click the bottom left corner

How to Know if the Golden Ticket Achievement is Unlocked

If you are clicking the correct areas, the game will continue to play a song. If the incorrect area is clicked, you will get a failure sound. The final click at the bottom left should play a single note, signalling that you have completed it.

Now, all you have to do is leave the game and check if the achievement is completed. If not, try again and make sure you get the correct order!

If the achievement is completed, you now get to use small monkeys in BTD6! Keep in mind, small monkeys mode can only be activated in the home menu.

For anyone wondering, the hit-box of the monkeys are not effected by this feature.

How to Enable Small Monkeys in BTD6

Here’s how to enable small monkeys in BTD6 once unlocked:

  • Enter the main menu
  • Click the settings button in the top left (gear button)
  • Click the yellow ‘Extras’ button
  • Click ‘small monkey towers’

Now you can enter a game and enjoy the greatness of small monkeys!

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