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How to Get True Black Leg in A One Piece Game (Roblox)

As the popular anime One Piece continues to pull new fans, A One Piece Game continues to stay relevant in the battle for best Roblox anime-fighting game. With tons of content and regular updates, it is no wonder why AOPG has stood the tests of time. Truck Black Leg is late-game AOPG content, and can only be unlocked by experienced players. Continue reading to learn how to get True Black Leg in A One Piece Game!

true black leg in a one piece game
True Black Leg (Image via Taklaman on YouTube)

How to Unlock True Black Leg in AOPG

As stated above, True Black Leg has some hefty requirements. Therefore, beginner players should not even worry about awakening their Black Leg. However, if you think you got what it takes, let’s find out how to Awaken your Black Leg to get True Black Leg in A One Piece Game.

How to Get True Black Leg in A One Piece Game

Before getting True Black Leg, players must ensure they have reached the following stats:

  • 2.5k Haki
  • 2.8k Strength
  • 2k Defense

Additionally, A One Piece Game players must ensure they have met the following requirements:

  • Have 1 Billion Beli
  • Have Double Diable Jambe (Upgraded Black Leg)

Now, players also need to be able to travel to the 2nd Sea. If this is possible, players need to go to Wano in particular.

Once in Wano, you must find Sanji, who is near the spawn under a rock pillar. Once Sanji is found, he will give you a few quests to complete. Listed below are Sanji’s quests:

  • Quest 1: “Defeat 40 Rookie Blackbeard Pirates, 25 Experienced Blackbeard Pirates and Scythe.”
  • Quest 2: “Go Defeat 30 Experienced Wano Samurai and 30 Master Wano Swordsmen”
  • Quest 3: “Defeat 50 Udon Prisoners”

These quests are more time consuming than they are difficult. However, they are certainly worth the time and efforts.

Once all quests are completed, players can return to Sanji where they can finally get True Black Leg in A One Piece Game… for a small fee of 1 Billion Beli of course!

True Black Leg Showcase: A One Piece Game

Listed below are all moves for True Black Leg:

  • Collier Shoot (Q): The player spins around and strikes the enemy with a fearsome kick, dealing a good amount of damage. Additional burn damage is applied.
  • Extra Hachis (E): The player leaps into the air and shoots a bunch of projectiles, dealing increasing amounts of damage. Burn damage is added.
  • Anti-Manner Kick Course (R): Another kicking move, the player strikes the enemy with a front kick, dealing AOE blast damage in the near vicinity. Similar to other moves, burn damage is applied.
  • Shishinbe Shoot: (F): Player dashes at the speed of light, destroying the ground in their wake. This ability does a TON of damage, with extra burn damage as well!
  • No Room for Dessert (Y): A “cut-scene” begins upon casting. The player to their opponent and lands a stunning kick combo, knocking the enemy back. The player then charges up and performs a deadly jump slam attack, dealing insane amounts of damage.
    • This move only works if True Diable Jambe is activated!

Now that you know how to get True Black Leg in A One Piece Game, it’s time to get out there and complete Sanji’s quests!

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