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How to Get True Vasto Lorde in Reaper 2

Reaper 2 has recently received a massive update that added and changed a ton of content. One addition would be the True Vasto Lorde evolution. According to many Reaper 2 players, this evolution is absolutely broken and is likely to be patched eventually. Since it is incredibly strong, many players will want to know how to get it. Without further ado, continue reading to learn how to get True Vasto Lorde in Reaper 2.

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Reaper 2 True Vasto Lorde Guide

It is not easy to get Reaper 2 True Vasto Lorde. There are a few difficult requirements that must be completed before the True Vasto Lorde Quests can even be obtained. These requirements, along with a quest guide, will be detailed below!

How to Get True Vasto Lorde in Reaper 2

Before you can obtain the Reaper 2 True Vasto Lorde quests, you must first reach Level 100 Vasto Lorde and crack your mask.

The best way to crack your mask as a Vasto Lorde is to run into the Menos in The Abyss of Hueco. It may take quite a bit, however eventually your mask should crack.

If you have cracked your mask and reached Level 100 Vasto Lorde, you can now accept the True Vasto Lorde quests from Ichigo. His Vasto Lorde form is located in South Karakura next to the Motel building.

Once you have received the quest, you will be asked to kill the following NPCs:

  • 5 Hollows
  • 5 Guardians
  • 3 Blanks
  • 3 Vasto Lordes
  • 3 Adjuchas
  • 3 Menos

Killing the Guardians will be your biggest challenge as they are just tedious above all else. Guardians along with Blanks and Vasto Lordes can be found in Hell.

Reaper 2 players are advised to just fight the Menos first to kill two birds with one stone, as they spawn Hollows randomly.

Menos spawning Hollows to complete the True Vasto Lorde quest
Menos Spawning Hollows (Image via Reaper 2)

Once you have killed all of the requested NPCs and completed the quest, your screen will begin to turn red as you evolve to True Vasto Lorde! This is a super cool looking evolution, and as stated above, is absolutely broken.

If you are looking for a specific Vasto Lorde, you may get lucky and roll it. However, if you do not roll the Vasto Lorde you desire, you can always use a Secondary Reroll to try again.

Now that you know how to get True Vasto Lorde in Reaper 2, it’s time to get out there and kill some NPCs!

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