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How to Get Voice Chat in Da Hood: Join VC (Roblox)

Da Hood is one of the most insane multiplayer Roblox games out there! In this game, a bunch of players share a server together while grinding to become rich, powerful or deadly. Since communication is extremely vital, many Roblox players may be wondering how to get voice chat in Da Hood. Continue reading to learn how to join VC in Da Hood Roblox.

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How to Join Voice Chat (VC) in Da Hood

Da Hood is much more enjoyable when voice chat is enabled. This is because you can communicate with all other players in your server. This communication may prevent (or start) altercations, which may or may not be desirable for some! Luckily, joining VC in Da Hood is quite easy. However, there are a couple simple steps that players will need to follow before being able to join voice chat.

How to Get Voice Chat in Da Hood Roblox

Players may struggle to enable voice chat in Da Hood for many reasons. This is because a certain setting must be enabled in Roblox before Da Hood is launched. Let’s get into it!

Here’s how to get voice chat in Da Hood:

  • Launch Roblox and Go to Settings
  • In Settings, verify your age (over 13)
  • In Settings, go to Privacy then “Beta Features”
  • Click Enable Voice Chat
  • Launch Da Hood and join a server
  • In the text bar, type /e joinvc
  • Click the microphone to mute/unmute your voice in Da Hood

If these instructions are followed you should now be able to join voice chat in Da Hood and talk to other players. Unfortunately, if you are not over 13 you will not be able to join VC in Da Hood due to Roblox safety policy.

How to Fix Microphone Not Working in Da Hood

Here’s how to fix your microphone not working in Da Hood:

  • Go to settings
  • Click Input Device
  • Select the correct microphone/input device
  • Ensure you have un-muted your microphone in-game!

Now that you know how to join vc in Da Hood Roblox, it’s time to get out there and choose your destiny!

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