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Plague Inc Severity Guide: What Does it Do and How to Use it

Plague Inc is a disease simulator game that gamers just seem to keep going back to! It is one-of-a-kind, and gives players an insight into how diseases spread and how to concoct the deadliest disease imaginable. Severity is an important factor in Plague Inc, and determines how lethal your virus is. Continue reading if you are interesting in learning about the mechanics of Plague Inc Severity.

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Plague Inc Severity Guide: How Does it Work?

Severity in Plague Inc is a tricky feature. If used correctly, you can easily win the game. However, if severity is used incorrectly it’ll lead to an inevitable loss. Consequentially, there are strategies to keep in mind if you want to utilize severity in Plague Inc correctly. These strategies will be discussed below!

How to Use Severity in Plague Inc

Severity basically functions as the public perception of your virus. However, if severity is increased; more DNA is also received. This seems like a good thing, right? Maybe not…

If you increase severity too quickly, your disease will often not be able to spread fast enough before a cure is reached.

Severity will also increase the world’s attention and therefore the cure effort for your virus, however it will give you much more DNA. This means that there is a right and wrong time to use it.

Listed below are the correct situations to increase severity in Plague Inc:

  • After many countries are shut down and cure efforts are stunted
  • Once most countries have already been infected

If the most advanced countries have already shut down, you can begin increasing the severity of your virus in Plague Inc. This is because shutting down slows down the cure effort.

Furthermore, once most countries have been infected, public perception doesn’t really matter anymore. You can fill up on DNA points, and begin to hit the kill switch – lethality.

Again, the difference between severity and lethality in Plague Inc is that lethality is the deadliness, and severity is the public’s perception of the virus.

Now that you understand what severity does in Plague Inc, it’s time to get out there and infect the world!

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