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Roblox DOORS But Bad Door 50 Code: Library Door Code

Roblox DOORS But Bad is a brand new Roblox horror game based off of the original DOORS. DOORS But Bad is almost the same game, except with worse graphics. Nevertheless, it is still widely popular amongst fans of the original games.

DOORS But Bad recently received a new update, adding a new door code in the Library. Known as Door 50, many players are struggling to find the code for it. Without further ado, continue reading to learn the DOORS But Bad door 50 code answer!

Roblox DOORS But Bad Door 50 Code Answer

Because it is still in its infancy, DOORS But Bad will be constantly receiving updates as the developer keeps improving it. This means that more doors and codes are going to be regularly added to the game.

Update 3 in particular brought the Library Room code in DOORS But Bad. The Door 50 code has proven to be troubling for many players, forcing them to look online for answers.

Luckily for you, we are providing you the Library Room door code right here, without all the annoying music and loud commentary of YouTube tutorials!

The DOORS But Bad Door 50 Code is 37539. To enter this code, you must avoid danger and make it to the back of the Library. The keypad will be on an elevated platform with rails.

Once the Door 50 code is entered into the keypad, the door will open and the player will be able to enter.

After entering, the player can skip the room with the couch and enter the room with a closet and a plant. Inside the closet to the right will be a key. This key will allow you to open the door and continue on your Roblox DOORS But Bad Journey!

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