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Update 33 Introduces BTD6 Paragon Limit, Sparking Debate

NinjaKiwi has decided to introduce a BTD6 Paragon Limit to all game modes, triggering outrage amongst a large percentage of the player-base. This change occurred in Update 33 and has taken the BTD6 community by storm. Dozens of criticisms and feedback posts have flooded the Reddit board, begging NinjaKiwi to reverse the changes. Luckily they have listened to the cries of loyal fans, however the changes might not be enough…

What is the New BTD6 Paragon Limit?

NinjaKiwi initially set the Paragon tower limit to only allow three Paragons on a single map. This change technically means that free-play mode would have a level cap, as players wouldn’t be able to utilize the max amount of Paragon towers.

As stated above, this resulted in the BTD6 community congregating together to fight against these changes. The outcry was so severe that NinjaKiwi had to respond.

Eventually, they increased the Paragon limit to four in an effort to appease their fans. This was not good enough for the fans, as it really doesn’t address the free-play concerns at all.

BTD6 Paragon Limit Justification and Criticisms

Listed below are NinjaKiwi’s justifications for these changes.

the developers justification to the paragon limit
“Limit Creativity” (Image via Reddit)

The initial defense is that having access to all Paragons at once “limits their creativity”. Many BTD6 fans did not enjoy this response. While it is true that many players do not use more than one Paragon, why would you penalize the few who do?

It seems counterproductive to not allow placement of every Paragon due to upcoming BTD6 content. Maybe the players would trade away future “Paragon interactions” to remove the limit?

Nevertheless, one must commend NinjaKiwi for responding to the outcry. Many developers in this scenario would just stay silent and let it blow over. Respect.

The Honest Truth (Image Via Reddit)

The opinion above is really the only retort necessary. In a game where one of the main enjoyments is to do whatever you please, introducing a Paragon limit to BTD6 feels like an utterly unnecessary restriction. Some players have stated that they would be fine with the limit for Bosses, and this could be a good compromise.

It is obvious at this point that a majority of loyal BTD6 fans are not happy to hear about this change, and only time will tell if NinjaKiwi will reverse it in Update 34.

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